A4B – Analytics for Biologics

The Analytics for Biologics (A4B) project is a Europe-wide innovative training network (ITN). Funded by the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action ITN 2017 of the European Commission (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017), the graduate school A4B will offer a specific training program for the production, purification, and analysis therapeutic protein species.

The A4B project is composed of 11 consortium members and 6 industrial partners.


The market for therapeutic Proteins (TPs) is rapidly growing, causing a high demand in specialists in the field of protein production and analysis. Production of TPs is associated with the generation of a mixture of very similar TP species (TP-S). Some of them are poorly effective or even harmful, with side effects up to life threatening allergic shocks.

A4B aims for the development of methods for effective removal of TP-S with improved purification methods and the development respective analytical tools to qualitatively and quantitatively detect the diverse TP-S.

A4B will employ 15 early-stage researchers (PhD students) with the aim to produce the much-needed specialists in the field of therapeutic proteins (TP). Within their respective project, each PhD student will receive a background in production, analysis and economic exploitation of TPs, and training in relevant soft skills. The 15 positions are listed on the Positions and job offers page.

Training events

A4B will host dedicated training schools, soft skills training sessions and a number of workshops at the different partner institutions for the early-stage researchers, starting in June 2018.

Upcoming training event: The A4B Quantitative Proteomics Workshop at the University of Oslo, Norway.